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“All art is quite useless”

Oscar Wilde

What I do, since forever, I do for passion, conviction and love. Fuck the rest.

Welcome, my name is Luca Elmi.
I’m an actor, scriptwriter, director for the screen big and small, and for the stage. This is my site,
so please forgive me if I keep talking about myself in these pages.
It would be rather odd if I talked about somebody else.
If, for any reason, you’d like to know who I am and what I do, please step inside.
This place has been made for you. And since you’re here, the first thing that comes to my mind is
this: I don’t do sacrifice, I don’t do idealization, I don’t do discussion. Fuck fashion, fuck the critics,
don’t care about intellectuals. I don’t believe in global warming, I don’t believe 99% of all the press
(internet, print, etc.) and I laugh thinking about the extinction of the Guatemalan dwarf camel. I
like nuclear power, I do approve of medical experimentation on animals and I get mad when I see
a sign at the entrance of the next village saying “We are for peace”.
In Italy this happens quite a lot.
Our world, our culture, our society, cinema, theatre, TV have all been infected with political
correctness, and stupid shit.
Happy surfing.