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The first film ever I remember seeing in a theatre was Disney’s That Darn Cat. I’d love to be able to say that it was Citizen Kane or Bicycle Thieves, and that I was immediately fascinated with the seventh art, but I must have been two or three at the time and my purpose in life was probably not to shit myself. I wouldn’t have been interested in a celluloid masterpiece.

Starting in 2005 I wrote, directed and sometimes acted in, eight short films of medium length with various crews and budgets. Recently I started a production company called ROMAN CITIZEN ENTERTAINMENT, and I collaborated with other companies, in Italy and the USA, producing several short films and features.

You can see my films in the international festival circuit, and sometimes on TV. Here you’ll find some clips from six of my films:
Alex and the Women (2005), Once upon my Time (2007), Bonsai – The Musical (2009), Do no Harm (2011), Roman Citizen (2014), HYENA (2016).
In 2012 Do No Harm did reasonably well at festivals and was seen outside Italy, winning the Central Florida Film Festival and being accepted at The Cleveland International Film Festival, which is an academy award-qualifying event.
Other films of mine won several prizes, which makes me proud and it’s a testament to the talent and passion of the people working with me… of course these prizes are of no value whatsoever, and are sadly useless in the wonderful world of cinema. I’m still waiting for the time when I’ll be able to produce a feature I can sell, so I can satiate my physical hunger as opposed my spiritual one.

Right now I just finished post production on my last short film (I said many times I was finished with shorts, but I often lie… and with enthusiasm) called Blood Theory.

Making a film, especially if you’ve written it yourself, is like making love to a beautiful woman while sitting in a dentist chair having a root canal. You feel incredible pleasure, but you know you’ll very soon feel horrible pain.