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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Besides translating and adapting stage plays, writing fiction and poetry and making films, I’ve been known to be a script doctor for TV and film scripts.
I wrote several essays and critic papers about films and film-makers.

I acted in the horror film The Root of Evil, where I get killed twice (!). The film was written by Giovanni Eccher and directed by Silvana Zancolò. I’ve acted in a musical video for the rock group Audiorama. For the pleasure of few, but above all of myself, you’ll see me featured in several Italian films, here and there. It Happens directed by Francesca Mazzoleni – in the part of a Gym teacher who’s also an asshole (aren’t they all?). The First King directed by Matteo Rovere as Maccus, chief of a barbarian village killed too soon. The Champ by Leonardo D’Agostini as a very opinionated and not very sensible maître D’.

Since my hunger isn’t only spirutal, I also acted in several commercial. Here on
the left you can take a look at my excesses